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Linda LaZar built my website for my pet sitting business in 2016, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the experience and the results. She consulted me every step of the way and was so kind, patient, and professional. An added bonus to this process was how fun it was! Incredibly, all of this was done through email...we weren't even in the same city. I knew nothing about the steps needed for the project and Linda's knowledge and ability to break everything down into simple steps was invaluable. The website looks professional, artistic, and better than I could have hoped for. I am so happy with the outcome!

I have to say the best thing I received from Linda during our work together was her kindness and friendship. I feel so grateful to be one of her clients. I highly recommend Linda LaZar professionally and personally. She is a true talent and positive influence on every person and circumstance with which she comes into contact. Thank you Linda!

Wendy Swanson
Pretty Paws Pet Sitting
Hillsboro, Oregon

Larry Zarian and Linda LaZar"I have known Linda LaZar for over 16 years and have worked with her on numerous occasions.  Her work is exemplary in all respects, and her character is above reproach.

Linda delivers 110% for every design project, with a genuine friendliness and sincere interest in her client's success.

Anyone who is fortunate enough to hire Linda for their business—whether writing, editing, public relations, marketing, or Web design—will quickly realize they have found the golden ticket with Linda LaZar."

Larry Zarian
Former State of California Transportation Commissioner
Former four-term Mayor of Glendale, CA

Robin Maxwell"Linda LaZar is a marvel. She combines off-the-charts creativity and design sense with pitch-perfect professionalism. Her unabashed enthusiasm and reliability are matched only by her speed.

I've done dozens of websites and projects with Ms. LaZar, and I've never been anything but ecstatic with the results."

Robin Maxwell, bestselling author
The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn and
JANE: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan

Steve Ritchie On Track"Linda LaZar is simply the best. She provides outstanding Web design and site updating and maintenance, and makes everything easy for her clients. It seems like no matter what time of day or night I send her updates, she responds promptly and the site is updated quickly. Her work with photos is brilliant.

Linda is efficient, super competent, and has a great sense of design. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs assistance in this crucial area of business and communication."

Steve Ritchie
Freelance Writer

Pauline Field"Linda LaZar of Irish Lemons has been a real find.  Having dealt with Web designers who offer much and produce little, it is with great pleasure that I write about my experience in working with Linda.

She does the work, on time and within budget.  She asks questions when I am not clear - she doesn't try to guess at what I want, so I get a great result every time. 

Linda has done three Web sites for me and the results have been consistent and creative.  I use Linda for maintenance of all these sites and whether I give her a minor or major change, she gets it done to my satisfaction every time.  You would have a hard time finding anyone easier to work with or who does a better job."

Pauline Field
Chair, 5050Leadership

Ellen Snortland"Linda LaZar is a Web site wizardess who is able to respond to requests even when I don't know how to say what it is that I want.

As someone who has one foot in the modern technologies and one foot out, Linda has made it so easy for me to have a Web site. I told her what I wanted and she delivered 200%, and so quickly.

I can't say enough about how grateful I am for her skills and talents. She's truly gifted."

Ellen Snortland
Author, Actor, Activist


Leigh Adams"Linda LaZar is quite the easiest Web designer I've ever worked with! 

While this is my first personal Web site, I have worked with many designers over the years to create school, business and sales sites.  Linda's visual ascetics combined with a quick and easy sense of playfulness and a labyrinthine knowledge of Web "work", combine to generate an awesome Web mistress! 

She's the BEST!!!  My Web site has drawn people from all over the world with an interest in my work.  Linda kicks it!"

Leigh Adams
Artist in Residence - L.A. County Arboretum

Vartouhi Keshishyan"When I needed a professional writer and editor to help me compose important business documents, I was referred to Linda LaZar by John Krikorian, Publisher of Business Life Magazine. I am so grateful to John for the referral. Linda's kindness and patience made the work seem effortless. The quality of her work was above and beyond what I dreamed possible.

It is so pleasant to work with Linda, she seems to feel what I want to say. She has revised my writing in a way that actually expresses the meaning more clearly than I conceived it. Her skills provide an exceptionally clear and profound expression of my thoughts.

Linda is also extremely reliable and efficient. When she says the work will be ready by a particular day or time, it is ready by that day and time. I thank Linda so much for her work, and I am looking forward to working with her on many more projects."

Vartouhi Keshishyan
Founder, Universal Etiquette