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I hope you will find all you need on my Web site. Please view the samples page for ideas, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

— Linda LaZar, owner


With first-hand experience employing various marketing mediums, I understand the high cost and limited shelf life associated with print and direct mail marketing—very often an expense that small business owners cannot afford.

Print advertising is a risky gamble for limited marketing budgets, and it can result in creating a nuisance for potential customers when it arrives at homes and offices in stacks of unsolicited "junk mail." I endorse Web site marketing as a friendly, non-invasive approach to inform the local community about the businesses available to them. Web sites are easy to access, quick to revise, and especially beneficial for "green" marketing and advertising!


I fully endorse and encourage the highly effective, low-cost, combination of teaming a Web site together with local television commercials. I believe that a 30-second local TV commercial that directs customers to a fully developed Web site is the best and most successful resource for marketing and advertising.

Web sites are quick and inexpensive to update and maintain, and they are available to clients 24/7 — even on holidays! Web sites are more colorful, informative, and effective than print marketing, and they are a fraction of the cost and frustration, with absolutely no waste.


I am excited to work with local businesses, to guide them through the tangled paths of small business/limited budget marketing. I admire individuals who have the courage to venture outside the safe boundaries of corporate America into the exciting world of entrepreneurship.

It is my goal to offer small business owners, entrepreneurs, and artists the opportunity to compete with "Goliath" businesses by presenting their talents and products on the Internet in full color, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. I offer low-cost, affordable Web site packages, domain registration, and Internet hosting! There is no better value for business owners than marketing via a Web site.


I have been working in media communications for over 20 years. I began writing in Los Angeles as a reporter, columnist, and editor for newspapers and magazines and continue to work part-time from my home in Eugene, Oregon as the Senior Editor for two Los Angeles magazines — Business Life Magazine and Senior Living Magazine.

Marketing for small businesses has always been one of my passions, and when the Internet made its way into the homes, offices, and businesses of most consumers, I was ecstatic to become involved in Web site design and development. I enthusiastically encourage and endorse the use of Web sites as the premier tool for small business marketing today.


I started in Los Angeles as the Director of Marketing for the Alex Regional Theatre in Glendale, California and produced the theatre's first Web site in 1998; I was the Director of Communications & Special Events for the Glendale Chamber Of Commerce; I wrote a weekly business column for the Glendale News-Press (a Los Angeles Times subsidiary); and I worked as a reporter and business columnist for the Glendale Gazette. I appeared often as a guest and host for radio and cable TV, and hosted my own call-in radio show on KIEV radio in Los Angeles for three years.

Believing that volunteers play a crucial role in the success of a healthy community, I served on the Board of Directors for several organizations, including the Glendale YMCA; Glendale Youth Alliance; Glendale Youth Orchestra; and was a Liaison Council member for Glendale Memorial Hospital & Health Center. Additionally, I served as a member of several service club affiliations, including the Daughters of the American Revolution; Soroptimist International; Kiwanis; and Business and Professional Women.


While working in Los Angeles, I wrote, directed, and produced promotional videos and commercials for small businesses and produced commercials and media materials for several political candidates. I produced, wrote, and served as an on-camera host for a TV cable news magazine program, doing on-location interviews with small business owners. I understand the benefits that a well-organized TV and Internet campaign can offer to the success of any business.


I was born and raised in southern California and worked in Los Angeles for over 20 years while raising two loving children as a single working mother. I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) and a Master of Arts degree in Human Services (with an Internet Marketing concentration) from Bellevue University in Nebraska.

I relocated from Los Angeles to Oregon in 2003 and truly appreciate every day in the nature-friendly cities of Eugene and Springfield with two sparkling rivers and warm, supportive friends and neighbors. I've found Shangri-La, and it's quietly secluded in Oregon!

"The measure of a country's greatness should
be based on how well it cares for its most
vulnerable populations."

— Mahatma Gandhi